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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need to Take My New Vehicle Back to the “dealership” for Oil Changes and Inspections to Maintain My Vehicle’s Warranty?
The simple answer is NO. Wes Jackson Auto Center can take care of the oil changes, inspections and manufacturer’s recommended services, ex: 10,000, 24,000 mile service, etc. We provide an envelope for storage of the service receipts and that is all that is required by the manufacturer to maintain your warranty.

How Can I Get Better Fuel Mileage?
Tire rotation and proper tire inflation will promote better fuel mileage. Very important as well, is fuel injection cleaning and spark plug replacement. Following manufacturer’s service intervals is equally important. Following these guidelines will certainly give better performance and consume less gasoline.

When Can I Get My Vehicle Inspected?
Pennsylvania gives vehicle owners a ninety day window to have their vehicle inspected. For example, if your inspection sticker expires in September, you can have your vehicle inspected in July, August or September.