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The Value of an Oil and Filter Change.

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The purpose of this article is to inform you, the car owner of the value in performing an oil change and filter service. Manufacturers are stretching maintenance (oil and filter) intervals farther than ever before. The reason for this change is reflected by two major technical breakthroughs. First is the motor oil, with the wider use of synthetic oils to increase fuel mileage. These figures are boasted about on the EPA fuel usage window sticker by car manufacturers. Honda and a few other car manufacturers specify that a synthetic SAE 0W20 specific gravity motor oil be used in their motors. Secondly, the motors in these cars are held to a very close tolerance to make use of such a lightweight oil. Using the wrong oil in one of these cars can have catastrophic results sans the fuel mileage concern. To take this a step farther GM has developed its own oil DEXSOS 1 for gasoline motors and DEXOS 2 for diesel. This was an attempt to force customers back to GM for maintenance, for fear of warranty claims being denied. It has been stated that GM would refuse a warranty on a motor problem if not serviced with their oil. The use of Hi-Tech motor oils has pushed the cost of an oil change up over the years but the good news is we do not have to change the oil and filter as often. Another issue we see in the service bay is the use of a higher cost oil filter being mandated by the manufacturer. A cheaper / less expensive filter will be offered by some service providers but be cautious. Some of those lesser filters lack the anti-drain back check valve or proper filter medium material.

What does that mean to you? If the filter is not up to the manufacturer’s specifications, on the restart the oil pump needs to fill the filter with oil before any oil gets to the bearings and close-tolerance mating surfaces. This scenario could cause premature wear to internals of your oh so expensive motor. I would not want to be on the wrong side of that conversation!

I guess the real bottom line is to have your automobile checked more than once a year @ Inspection time by a trained technician who knows your car and its history.

Wes Jackson Automotive Center will always put you first. First in value for the service performed. First in quality parts and fluids. First in highly trained technicians who know your car and respect your investment in a transportation choice. We also want to keep you safe and happy in your vehicle. We want to be your service provider.

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