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Our Team

Keith| Wes Jackson Automotive


  • Graduate of Kirkwood College Auto Tech Program
  • ASE Master Certified
  • PA State Inspection Technician
  • Advanced Drivability Diagnostics Certification
  • Automotive Electrical Systems Certification
  • Specializing in Customer Service

Kimberly | Wes Jackson Automotive


  • Certified Business Management
  • 25 Years of Customer Service Experience
  • Automotive Technical Institute Certifications

Van | Wes Jackson Automotive


  • 25 years of Experience in Automotive Experience

Shanise| Wes Jackson Automotive


  • Automotive Technical Institure Certifications
  • 10 Years of Administrative and Customer Service Experience

Brandon| Wes Jackson Automotive


  • PA State Inspection Technician
  • PA Emissions Inspector
  • Graduated from Automotive Training Center
  • 5 Years of Automotive Experience
  • Continuing Training to Further Knowledge and Skills

Wes| Wes Jackson Automotive


  • Diagnostic Specialist
  • ASE Master Technician
  • PA Enhanced Emission Inspector Certified (EEIC)
  • PA Fundamental Inspection Repair System Training Certified (FIRST)
  • AC Delco OBDII System Diagnostics Certified
  • Ford Motor Company Drivability Certified
  • NAPA Import Systems Diagnostics Certified
  • Alignment Diagnostics Certified by Hunter Engineering
  • CIT Air Fuel Theory and Operations
  • CIT Diagnostic Strategies for Intermittent Drivability Concerns
  • MACS Certified in Retrofit Procedures
  • MACS Automotive Air Conditioning System Diagnostic & Unit Repair Certified
  • MACS Certified in Refrigerant Recycling
  • Tektronix Oscilloscope Graduate
  • Fluke Scope Meter Certified by Fluke
  • ABS Certified by Wagner

Greg| Wes Jackson Automotive


  • 25 Years of Experience in Automotive Service
  • PA Emission Repair Licensed